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What is Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on your present experience as it unfolds.

When you consciously take the time to notice how you are feeling, whether it is mentally, physically or emotionally, you will begin to answer for yourself, "what is mindfulness?"

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. Reducing stress, increasing memory retention, and even developing greater confidence, and these are just some of the outcomes of mindfulness training.

Mindfulness Basics:

A good way to start mindfulness is by sitting down in a relaxing and quiet space, calming yourself and your mind. Focus on your breathing and close your eyes. With mindfulness we are ably to connect with our body by using our breathing as our anchor to pin down the center of our body and mind.

Initially this practice may be usual for some, which is understandable: the quietness, the concentration and the realization of the amount of thoughts one may have, but with each time, this practice will become more natural. Our mind will get used to the still and quietness, allowing us to comfortably pursue meditation.

What is mindfulness training?

When discovering your unique understanding of what mindfulness is, you will likely find that mindfulness takes practice. Through use of mindfulness techniques, such as pausing to observe your environment using all five of your senses, focusing on your breathing, and using music to match your mood, you will realize your own explanation for what mindfulness training is.

Music and Mindfulness: differs from other wellness apps, as it integrates clinically proven music to help with meditation and mindfulness practice.

For some who struggle with stress, depression, sleep deprivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, may sometimes find it hard to act on them, and verbal communication may be challenging. This is where the music comes in, being a universal language, it spans language and verbal barriers, making it a powerful means through which people connect, and connect with ourselves. Anything can be mindfulness, it works differently for every person, but what makes music mindfulness so unique? It is the appreciation of music, and linking it with ones’ personal emotions. Music is our companion and it is always there, making us open our minds more, and has been proven to increase concentration and awareness.

Research suggests that effects of deep listening to specific kinds of music to be fundamentally good for our bodies, mind and spirit.

Although there are many mindfulness apps to choose from, only offers music for wellness grounded in music therapy principles. is the mindfulness app that can support your personal discovery of what mindfulness is.