Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on your present experience as it unfolds. When you consciously take the time to notice how you are feeling -mentally, physically, emotionally -you will begin to answer for yourself, "what is mindfulness?"

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. Reducing stress, increasing memory retention, and even developing greater confidence are just some of the outcomes of mindfulness training.

What is Mindfulness Training?

When discovering your unique understanding for what mindfulness is, you will likely find that mindfulness takes practice. Through use of mindfulness techniques, such as pausing to observe your environment using all five senses, focusing on your breathing, and using music to match your mood, you will realize your own explanation for what mindfulness training is.

To support your mindfulness journey, you can use a mindfulness app to support your practice. Although there are many apps to choose from, only one mindfulness app offers music for wellness grounded in music therapy principles. Humm.ly is the mindfulness app that can support your personal discovery of what mindfulness is.